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Every Spray Tan Bar spray tan is customized to our clients needs. Beginning when you arrive, your airbrush artist will give you a quick consultation based on your skin color, desired look, and length of time you would like to have the tan on. We then guide you to the color and product that will be perfect for you. Our goal is to give you a healthy, safe and natural looking tan. Your tan is then applied with our state of the art spray system by our Airbrush Tanning specialist.  We will apply barrier cream to protect nails, palms of hands and bottoms of feet. In less than 15 minutes, you will have a beautiful, glowing tan which is sure to be the envy of all of your friends.

Jenna was sprayed in our middle level CLEAR solution. 

Photo by MaryWyar Photography.


We offer a variety of color options allowing you to tailor your tan. All of our solution options are all included in

our standard pricing so there are no up charges or

hidden fees. During your consultation, we will determine which undertone color will look best on you.  All of our different undertone colors come in 3 darkness levels.

Light – This solution is our lightest formula and delivers a fabulous natural glow. It’s the perfect option for our clients who would never see themselves with a sunless tan or those who want a lighter tan during the winter months.

Medium – This solution is slightly darker than our original tan. This is popular for clients who want to maintain a healthy tan. 

Dark – This solution is the darkest tan we offer. If you want to look like you just got back from an exotic vacation, this is the color for you!

Clear Solution– Standard spray tan solution contains DHA (which is what colors your skin) and cosmetic bronzers.  The cosmetic bronzers are what you see immediately after your tan. These will rinse off when you shower.  We offer a "clear solution" in all three darkness levels, which does not contain cosmetic bronzers. This is ideal for brides, because this reduces the chance of rub off.  This option is also good for those people that don't care about having immediate color.  Your spray tan will still develop in 8-12 hours.

Rapid Rinse Solution– If you don't like to wait 8-12 hours to shower, this solution is for you!  This specially formulated solution continues to develop after being washed off and allows you to control how dark you get based on how long you leave it on.  Shower after 2 hours for a light tan, 3 hours for a medium tan or 4 hours for a dark tan. Your tan will continue to develop for up to 24 hours after your first rinse.  ($7 up charge for this solution)

Kaylee was sprayed in our dark solution with bronzers.

The bride was sprayed in extra dark clear. 

Mother (on right) sprayed in dark clear.

Sister (on left) sprayed in original clear.

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